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Aqours - G Senjou no Cinderella

G Senjou no Cinderellar
G Senjou no Cinderellar
Single by Aqours
Center -
Released January 27, 2017
Format CD
Recorded 2016
Genre Anime
Length 4:18
Label Lantis

G Senjou no Cinderella (G線上のシンデレラ lit. Cinderella on the G String) is a bonus CD sung by Matsuura Kanan, Kurosawa Dia, and Ohara Mari. The song is featured in Love Live! Sunshine!! TV Anime Blu-ray 5, which is included in the limited edition version of the fifth Blu-ray release.

The song is written by Hata Aki, composed by Ishikura Takayuki and arranged by Ramseeni and Ishikura Takayuki.

FileSize Type Artist Tracklist
20mb Mp3/320k Aqours/td>
  1. G Senjou no Cinderella
  2. G Senjou no Cinderella [Off Vocal]
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