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Aqours - Jingle Bell ga Tomaranai (Single)

Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai

Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai (ジングルベルがとまらない lit. Can't Stop The Jingle Bells) is a special song by Aqours, written for the iOS and Android rhythm game, Love Live! School idol festival. It was released on November 23, 2016.

The song is written by Hata Aki, composed by Mitsumasu Hajime and arranged by EFFY. The dramas are written by Koyasu Hideaki based from Kimino Sakurako's concept.

Jingle Bell Ga tomaranai
Aozora Jumping Heart
Single by Aqours
Released November 23, 2016
Format CD/DVD
Recorded 2016
Genre Anime
Length 4:48
Label Lantis

FileSize Type Artist Tracklist
40mb Mp3/320k Aqours
  1. Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai (ジングルベルがとまらない)
  2. Seinaru Hi no Inori (聖なる日の祈り)
  3. Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai (ジングルベルがとまらない) (Off Vocal)
  4. Houchounin Ruby (包丁人ルビィ lit. Ruby The Chef)
  5. Jingi naki deko (仁義なきデコ lit. Decorations Without Honor Or Humanity)
  6. Senjou na Merii Kurisumasu (戦場なメリークリスマス lit. Merry Christmas On The Battlefield)
  7. Honto no Kurisumasu paatii (ほんとのクリスマスパーティー lit. A True Christmas Party)
Performed by Aqours (Anju Inami, Rikako Aida, Nanaka Suwa, Arisa Komiya, Shuka Saito, Aika For report the broken link ? please Comment.
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