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Guilty Kiss - Strawnerry Trapper (1st Single)

Strawberry Trapper - Guilty Kiss - 1st Single - Love Live! Sunshine!

FileSize Type Artist Tracklist
86,23mb Mp3/320k Azalea
  1. Strawberry Trapper
    [Direct_MP3] || [Ge.tt.mp3]
  2. Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!
  3. Strawberry Trapper (Off Vocal)
  4. Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! (Off Vocal)
  5. Yuransen de Dokomademo 'Drama CD'
Performed by Azalea (Hanamaru,Dia,Kanan) For report the broken link please commend.
Lyrics Click Here!

*Mf = MediaFire*
*Direct = Internasional*
*TF = Tusfiles*
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